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About Us

Much as Henry Ford revolutionized automobile manufacturing through the introduction of the assembly line, Padle is on a mission to revolutionize shipping through the creation of technology-based solutions that make shipping easier and more profitable for our customers.  Our proprietary shipping platform provides an affordable, easy to use system for managing all aspects of your shipments, from getting real time quotes from multiple carriers, to ordering, tracking, and managing your shipments and analyzing your shipment activity, timing and costs.  Available blockchain technology adds security and peace of mind.  And did we mention our system is affordable and easy to use?    


Our team consists of logistics and tech professionals focused on creating and continuously improving our revolutionary shipping platform.  Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we serve customers around the world, facilitating the delivery of freight via air, land or sea to most corners of the globe.   We look forward to showing you how Padle can serve you. 


Meet our Team


Robert Dunn

With extensive experience at one of the leading supply chain management companies in the world, and having dealt first hand with the archaic systems so prevalent in the shipping industry, I was convinced there had to be a better way. Bringing my logistics knowledge and partnering with some of the brightest minds in tech, we created Padle.

Co-founder, CEO

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Josh Pachner

I have a BS in supply chain management and worked for Expeditors as a solutions developer. At age 26, I beat cancer, fueling a new perspective for life, and I doubled down on improving processes. How? I detest the excuse, “that’s how it’s always been.” Padle’s mission is to invent more time for businesses as they run their supply chain.


Co-founder, VP of  Product

grant c



There's nothing more satisfying to me than to see technology solve everyday problems. I've worked in tech my whole career, and I made the move from a customer-facing role to Product in order to build what customers need so that they can get their objectives accomplished. There's a huge amount of inefficiencies in the logistics industry, and I'm excited to disrupt it!

Product Manager

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On top of a BS in Finance, I have nearly 6 years in Customer Success experience with 3 software companies and two of those being start-ups. I am passionate about making things more efficient, cost effective, and is solving the right problems. I believe that Padle is a perfect solution in solving todays supply chain and logistics problems.


robin lee



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Software Engineer

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UX Designer

tj daw



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Systems Archetic

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